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YAPC::NA 2010 is almost here!

June 21st ??? 23rd 2010 is quickly approaching and Columbus.PM is getting
very excited.  Hotel reservation information is available, dorm reservation
details are up and ready, the conference is quickly approaching.

For everyone still looking for YAPC::NA 2010 details here is what we have

The conference will be held in the brand new beautiful The Ohio State Union

The main dorm location is Morrison Tower and the Hotel conference block is
in The Blackwell Inn.

Larry Wall, Damian Conway, Randal Schwartz, and many others will be in

Early registration is quickly coming to an end so make sure that you
forward this to all of your friends and coworkers and get signed up today!

I hope to see you all at YAPC::NA 2010 in beautiful Columbus, Ohio.

Heath Bair
YAPC::NA 2010 Conference Chairman
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