[sf-perl] Emergency Social somewhere in the Bay Area?

Quinn Weaver quinn at fairpath.com
Fri Apr 2 12:00:33 PDT 2010

Joe Brenner wrote:
>> Well, it seems like we have a tradition of getting together for
>> Indian food at "Naan-N-Curry" at 336 O'Farrell Street, between
>> Mason and Taylor...  maybe we can pick a date people would be up
>> for...
>> I hereby nominate Thursday April 8th... any seconds?

That works great for me.

> I second that, but I'm 1 hour driving away from that spot, according to
> Google Maps. At which time are you people usually meet there?

I think we usually meet at 7:00 pm.

>> And here, we got OT:
>>>> As I don't have much plans for the coming weekend, suggestions are also
>>>> welcome. :)
>> Saturday, April 3rd, 11am-6pm, there's a "postgresql test fest" at
>> Noisebridge, which being a DBA you might have some interest in:
>>   http://postgresql.meetup.com/1/calendar/12794759/

Yes, that should be cool.

If you're coming to that one, please RSVP *now*!  Josh Berkus
(fuzzychef.org) is making food.  He needs to know how much to make.
You can RSVP on that Meetup page.

>> Oh, and all weekend, over in Moscone Center there's Wondercon:
>>   http://www.comic-con.org/wc/

Related:  tonight is the Ball of Justice, a comic book–themed swing
and club dance event tonight (Friday) at the DNA Lounge (yep, jwz's
place) with luchalibre surf band Los Straitjackets.  Only in San
Francisco. :D

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