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Randy J. Ray rjray at blackperl.com
Tue Sep 29 11:21:12 PDT 2009

(I hope I got the subject-line tag right, apologies if I used the wrong style
of brackets for people's filters.)

I'm posting this here even though the job is not primarily Perl. Because of our
architecture, Perl knowledge would be very helpful on top of the "primary"
skills the position requires.

My company is currently looking for a couple of front-end engineers. Our
platform is a mix of PHP (front-end), Perl (back-end and aggregate components),
with some Java and C++ thrown in just to keep things from getting too boring.
As these openings are for the front-end, strong knowledge of PHP (including OO
development and designing around the MVC pattern) would be the most important
skill to have, along with the usual HTML/CSS/Javascript background. More
information can be found here:


Besides PHP, you'd do well to have some background in one of Java or C++ (Java
in particular, as the person maintaining the Java code was one of the recent

While the job listing doesn't refer to Perl, and I've focused on other
languages as well, we do a *lot* of Perl in this shop. Knowing it will be a
plus, even if it isn't listed explicitly. Personally, I straddle both parts of
the system; I write in Perl and have been learning PHP to contribute to some of
the admin tools that are used internally. But since I'm capable of more than
just Perl, I figure there are people on this list who would also be interested,
even if Perl isn't where you'll be spending most (or even much) of your time.

Oodle is a small company, under 30 employees, in downtown San Mateo. It's
walking distance from the San Mateo Caltrain station, or if you drive they
provide window-stickers (free parking) for the nearby parking lots. Everyone
here in the engineering team writes code, including the CTO. They've actually
turned people away who seemed technically competent, but showed no real
enthusiasm for writing code. If you like to write, and create, you would
probably like our environment.

Please feel free to write me (off-list, of course) if you have any questions or
are interested and want to send me a resume.

Thanks for reading!

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