[sf-perl] citizen space - or Kinko's

Jonathan Swartz swartz at pobox.com
Thu Sep 10 06:14:24 PDT 2009

On Sep 10, 2009, at 12:47 AM, James Briggs wrote:

>> You mean to drop-in and work on your laptop, or to rent a permanent
>> desk?
>> Jon
> Obviously, Kinko's is not "permanent", but then it's 98% cheaper.
> Most people use notebook computers at Kinko's, though I have seen
> people occasionally use small desktop computers and IBM typewriters.
> If you do rent an office, make sure it has AC for the hours you plan
> to use it. Most don't during weekends and after hours.

Citizen Space is *free* for casual drop ins. Lots of people drop in  
and work all day for free. If they feel so inclined, they leave a  
small donation.

The fee is only if you want membership, meaning a permanent desk and a  

It's true though, $400 is a chunk of change, and isn't for everybody.  
Why do that when you could, in theory, work at home or at cafes? For  
me, the answer is that if I didn't have a comfy dedicated office to go  
to every day, I would lose my mind and could not actually keep  
consulting. :)


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