[sf-perl] slides on the perlnow.el lightning talk (Joe Brenner)

Joe Brenner doom at kzsu.stanford.edu
Wed Oct 7 16:55:09 PDT 2009

David Ljung Madison <pm.org at daveola.com> wrote:

> I have a script that watches for file changes and upon
> seeing them runs a command (such as compile or execute
> the scripts, etc..).

> I keep a window open running this script and then as many editor
> windows as I need to edit the source.  I simply write the file,
> look at the other window and see the results.

Sounds like an okay idea, though myself I often save code in an
incomplete state, so it would show an awful lot of false positives.

Myself, I might try implementing a "nightly build" on my work-station
some time... you check your email in the morning, and see if there are
any problems you don't know about left over from last night.

> Thanks to Joe for bringing up the topic of script development
> and his neat emacs environment.

Always glad to hear other people's ideas, myself...

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