[sf-perl] slides on the perlnow.el lightning talk

Joe Brenner doom at kzsu.stanford.edu
Tue Oct 6 12:27:34 PDT 2009

Sorry I waited so long on this lightning talk link,
I wanted to fix up the perlnow.el code a bit before pointing
anyone at it.


The code, documentation, and so on can be found here:


Here's a try at an elevator pitch:

perlnow.el is an emacs extension that integrates what might look like
two seperate sets of features at first glance: (1) commands to create
new code using templates (2) a more complex version of mode-compile
specifically to run perl code from within emacs.

For example, if you're editing a module, and you use a perlnow
command to open a test file, it remembers the association between
the files, and if you then issue the perlnow "run" command from
either of those buffers it will guess that you want to run that
test file.  Perlnow also has a version of a "back" command that
makes it easier to rapidly switch between the two buffers
(because these associations are a bit less ephemeral than the
buffer order used by "switch-to-buffer").

And if you use perlnow's "debug" command from either buffer, it guesses
that you want to run perldb on the test file, even if the associated
module is currently active.

An even shorter pitch:

Just look at the "perlnow-check" command.  If you don't have
something like that yet, you need something like it...  and my
new version has a cute feature, if I do say so myself: with the
"C-u" prefix it does a "check harder" that runs podchecker and
perlcritic in addition to doing a "perl -cw"

I was asked about backwards compatibility: I don't think this this
release will mess with the expectations of someone who was used to
the 0.3 version, at least not all that much.  Most of the new
features are accessed by either entering a new command, or preceeding
an old command with a "C-u" prefix.

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