[sf-perl] SanFrancisco-pm Digest, Vol 52, Issue 13

Lane Davis pm at upt.org
Tue May 26 12:30:18 PDT 2009

Quoting sanfrancisco-pm-request at pm.org:

> i'm trying to interpolate a value in a compiled regex.  it's
> interpolating the first time, but not the second.  that is:
> [some snippage...]
>     Readonly my $FOO => 'foo';
>     Readonly my $FOO_REGEX => qr{ $FOO [^#]+ -D $FOO }xms;

The use of the /x modifier causes the '#' character to be seen as introducing a
comment, even if it's all neatly contained in one qr() entry.  Normally we're
used to a character class auto-quoting stuff for us, but when combined with /x
you'll have to manually quote it:

Readonly my $FOO => 'foo';
Readonly my $FOO_REGEX => qr{ $FOO [^\#]+ -D $FOO }xms;



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