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Matthew Lanier matt at lanier.org
Wed May 20 13:24:46 PDT 2009

i don't think being the sfpug is a losing battle... there can be two of 
us.  there was when we started, as well (the palm UG).

the coat of arms is a great idea!


On Wed, 20 May 2009, 
Joe Brenner wrote:

> We need to submit some artwork to OSCON soon (we're trying to get
> into the .org pavilion).
> I think there are some problems with the logo that we have up on the
> web at the moment... at the very least the text needs to be changed
> (trying to be "sfpug" is a losing battle... we're "sfpm").
> I tried coming up with an alternate, based on an idea for a
> "perl coat of arms":
>     http://obsidianrook.com/sfpm/logo/
> Any comments?  The other club offal-sirs seem to like this direction.
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