[sf-perl] Question of the week - Padre

Randy J. Ray rjray at blackperl.com
Tue May 12 14:58:16 PDT 2009

Fred Moyer wrote:
> Has anyone here used the Padre editor?
> http://padre.perlide.org

I have just recently started experimenting with it.

So far, I am *very* impressed. The only issues I have had thus far are around 
mixing UTF-8 characters and non in a document (specifically, Russian and 
English), and as soon as I can distill the problem to a minimal repeatable 
series of steps I'll be reporting it.

Granted, at this point I'm using it primarily as an editor, not a full-blown 
IDE like Eclipse (which I use for Java, PHP and generalized web bits). It's 
more like jEdit (which thus far still has the best support for editing raw XML 
of the various editors I've used) or vim. Not everything is there, yet... I 
tried the "lexically rename a variable" option but it couldn't seem to figure 
out what to do... I haven't been all over the list of open issues, so there may 
be someone working on this.

Still, up to this point I've continued to use XEmacs largely because it had the 
best Perl support (though recently I've been collecting vim tips and hacks that 
have been bridging that gap). This might finally let me retire my .xemacs 

rjray at blackperl.com

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