[sf-perl] dynamic #! line

david wright- [白熊] david_v_wright at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 23 21:14:30 PDT 2009


I'm not sure I follow fully, it seems you want to use a system specific possibly unknown ahead of time perl path?

e.g. maybe not /usr/bin/perl

would borrowing the python trick of #!/usr/bin/env perl work? 

let your env decide which perl to use? or am I missing the point?


--- On Mon, 3/23/09, Matthew Lanier <matt at lanier.org> wrote:

> From: Matthew Lanier <matt at lanier.org>
> Subject: [sf-perl] dynamic #! line
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> Date: Monday, March 23, 2009, 8:36 PM
> hey folks-
> i'm in a situation where I may need to set #! on a perl
> script at run time via the environment.  I know that's
> technically possible, but am unsure what hidden gotchas may
> result.  Any thoughts on that?
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