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Hi all,

Please forward this to your local groups.

The Perl Foundation has been officially accepted into the Google Summer
of Code 2009 program as a mentor organization!

Hopefully some of you have identified some potential students already.
Now we need your help getting them to submit their proposals.


The student application period begins Monday, March 23rd and runs
through April 3rd.  (Students note:  you can edit your proposal
throughout that 11-day period -- getting it started early and talking
to potential mentors greatly increases your chances vs throwing it over
the wall at the deadline.)  See this page for details:


Interested students and potential mentors, please read the GSoC info on
the Perl wiki:


If you're interested in mentoring or have a good project suggestion, now
is the time to get your info up on the wiki so students will know about
your code and where to find you.

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