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i love the lisp one.

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> From: Adrian Lai <perl at loathe.me.uk>

> Like the Java/Ruby on Rails thing of a few years ago?
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PQbuyKUaKFo

I had totally forgotten about those.

I was thinking more along the lines of a very short series of jokes
per language, bundled into one vid.  For example:

Smalltalk: I'm SmallTalk.
Perl:  I'm Perl.
SmallTalk: I have reflection.
Perl:  I have a job.
Ruby (little girl):  I'm Ruby.
Perl (old guy): I'm Perl.
Ruby: Why can't I run with scissors?
Perl: You'll understand when you're older.
Python (Japanese): I'm Ruby.
Perl: I'm Perl.
Python:  I'm a clean, modern language.
Perl: Hey, you're Japanese. Don't you write that funny Kanji stuff?
How can you read that?
Python: Hey, it's a beautiful, expressive style of writing. It's not
my fault if you've never troubled to learn it.
Perl: My point.

(Some points about Ruby's poor Unicode handling might be particularly
*poignant* instead)
Java (in straight jacket): I'm Java
Perl: I'm Perl.
Java: I can be trusted. I can't poke myself in the eye.
Perl: (shakes his/her head and walks off)
Java: Hey, come back! I need someone to scratch my nose!

(OK, that sucked, but I have a vision of tons of Java developers in
straight jackets.  That starts implying budgets, though)
Lisp: I'm Lisp.
Perl: I'm Perl.
Lisp: You're illegible.
Perl: You're kidding, right?

That's off the top of my head and not terribly funny, but that's the
idea.  A bunch of short, stupid jokes comparing some tiny aspect of
various languages, all edited into one video.  I see Mike Whitaker
already has ideas.

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