[sf-perl] Slides from the MojoMojo presentation

Dan Dascalescu ddascalescu at gmail.com
Wed Jul 29 02:27:29 PDT 2009

Thanks to all who attended, and special thanks for the feedback and ideas:
- ability to resize/hide the preview area (so that only the edit area
is visible), or open it in a (linked) pop-up window
- move pages
- synchronize the edit area with the preview area on demand
- auto-save in a "stash" (a-la Git)
- set formatters per page, in particular POD without any tags around the text

There were other ideas that I didn't remember - please post them at
http://mojomojo.ideascale.com/, or if you are on GitHub already, at

And here are the slides:

and http://twitter.com/mojomojowiki

Best regards,

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