[sf-perl] max inode value

Daniel Lo woof at danlo.com
Mon Jul 27 18:06:23 PDT 2009

Hello David,

Humm, interesting question.

I know that inodes are allocated per system, thus the maximum value may be
already determined by the OS, because it is associated with an pre-allocated i-node entry.

However, if you are looking for the "integer" size-ness, I found this in the
ubuntu /usr/include/bits/dirent.h

#ifndef __USE_FILE_OFFSET64
    __ino_t d_ino;
    __off_t d_off;
    __ino64_t d_ino;
    __off64_t d_off;

Which, is about as helpful as the first answer.

Hopefully, this helps :)


Monday, July 27, 2009, 1:04:09 PM, you wrote:

> greetings,

> it's easy to determine how many inodes can be used in a given
> filesystem.  but does anyone know offhand how to determine the maximum
> *value* for an inode in a given filesystem?

> thanks,
> david

Best regards,
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