[sf-perl] Perl Migrates To the Git Version Control System (fwd)

Matthew Lanier matt at lanier.org
Tue Jan 6 10:00:10 PST 2009

ok, when we get into DB bashing, i call time out ;-)


On Tue, 6 Jan 2009, Randal L. Schwartz wrote:

>>>>>> "Joe" == Joe Brenner <doom at kzsu.stanford.edu> writes:
> Joe> You know, while SQLite is impressive for what it is, I can't see how
> Joe> anyone could mistake it for a "real database": it has no foreign key
> Joe> support.
> But it *does* have triggers.
> And people confused MySQL as a "real database" for years too.  some still
> do. :)


Matthew D. P. K. Strelchun-Lanier
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