[sf-perl] what do you do?

Michael Friedman friedman at highwire.stanford.edu
Tue Feb 17 22:58:54 PST 2009

This is an interesting way to look at a job. In my position, some  
weeks I'm swamped by support and other weeks I get to do my project  
work. It's almost like two jobs...

Either: 80% working on projects: design, implementation, and testing
     and 20% support emails for projects that I did in the past.

Or:     80% support
     and 20% project work (or less).

(Meetings are almost always part of new projects and most of my email  
is support work.)

Of course, I have projects at all times, it's just that sometimes I  
have to fix something that someone else ran into or broke and that  
takes all day/week/month. My office works on the "silo model" where  
only one person knows about any system at any given time. It doesn't  
make me happy, but cowboy coding is the unfortunate rule here.

As for languages, it depends on the project of the week, but overall  
I'd say:
	70% Perl
	20% SQL (Sybase)
	10% XSLT/XPath
	<1% Java, csh

The more I use XSLT the more I hate it, but I can see that it's good  
for some things. XPath, OTOH, is dreamy.

-- Mike
Mike Friedman | HighWire Press, Stanford Univ | friedman at highwire.stanford.edu

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