[sf-perl] Next meeting (on *Thursday*, *next week*) is at 7:30pm

Joe Brenner doom at kzsu.stanford.edu
Thu Aug 27 14:54:08 PDT 2009

I just remembered, we changed a detail at the last meeting:
our next meeting (which oddly enough, is on Thursday,
and even odder is next week) is going to be at 7:30pm.

Please do help get the word out on this one... the unsual time
and location might throw some people.

Also, now would be a good time to RSVP:


Joe Brenner wrote:

>  Date:     September 3rd, 2009
>  Time:     8pm

Correction: 7:30pm.  Do not be fooled.

>  Speaker:  Kristina Chodorow, of 10gen
>  Topic:   "Non-relational Databases".

>   Specifically, she's working on the perl driver for "MongoDB", a
>   documented-oriented database:
>       http://www.mongodb.org/display/DOCS/Home
>   Location:
>   Cellspace, 2050 Bryant Street (between 18th and 19th st), Mission district.
>   Transit info:
>   16th St BART station is closest.
>   Cellspace is right on the 27 bus line, which stops at 18th & Bryant.
>   You can get the 27 at 5th near Market, which is near the Powell Street
>   BART/MUNI station.
>   Cellspace is very close to the 22 bus line, which stops at 16th and
>   Bryant.  You can get the 22 also stops along the J MUNI line,
>   e.g. at Church and Market.
>   For reference: Cellspace is the same distance from BART as Six
>   Apart (0.6 miles), though it is further from a MUNI train-line
>   (the closest is the 18th St & Church Street stop of the J line).
>   Note: The 16th and Mission BART station neigborhood is a bit grubbier
>   than the BART at Powell Street (though none of them win any prizes).
> That night at Cellspace, there's also an "Open Studios" event, so we'll
> be walking though a gallery opening on our way in and out.

They might even have some wine left over after our meeting.

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