[sf-perl] Fwd: SF perlmongers + Open Source Bridge

Joe Brenner doom at kzsu.stanford.edu
Thu Apr 2 12:55:33 PDT 2009

Josh Berkus <josh at agliodbs.com> wrote:

> > Have you talked to the CodeCon organizers about this? My guess is they'd
> > welcome the extra help with the conference-as-it-stands, but they're not
> > interested in expanding into Perl territory.
> Not since they reorganized.  However, my impression was that they were
> desparate for committed help and would consider anything which came with
> organized bodies behind it.  That may be mistaken, though.

If what you're interested in is perl advocacy, rather than preaching to
to converted, then getting involved with a more general project like
this (and gently nudging them toward more perl coverage) is clearly the
right move.

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