[sf-perl] Packaging perl MSWin applications (using wxPerl)

David Ljung Madison pm.org at daveola.com
Sat Sep 27 16:33:59 PDT 2008

I have a wxPerl application that is the front-end to a perl script.

I want to package the whole thing up with an installer that installs:

  - my wxPerl front end
  - my script
  - perl (probably cygWin?)
  - wxWindows
  - wxPerl
  - ..and anything else I might need.

The project is freeware (i.e., it has no $price to fully use),
so I can't afford any *per-user* license fees, but I can spend
a little bit of money on making a good package.

The questions that are racing through my mind are:

1) What's a good wrapper/installer for this kind of project?
   It'd be nice if it could be done by a single executable.

2) What's the best way to package wxPerl on MSWin?

3) Which versions of MSWin do I need to support to cover most
   of the MSWin community?  Vista?  XP?  2k?  I have no idea...

4) Which perl to use?  I attempted porting to cygwin and
   activestate before, but activestate had some problems
   with opening pipes.  Although if that's resolved, I
   guess it would probably be easier to package the activestate
   perl rather than the monstrous entirety that is cygwin.


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