[sf-perl] [ meta ] Looking for the next round of leadership

Gavin Jefferies gj262 at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 20 17:52:19 PST 2008

After being on this list for some years I have yet to make it to a
single meeting. However I would feel some loss if sfpug went down and
so FWIW I will second Joe for leader.

On Thu, Nov 20, 2008 at 11:54 AM, Joe Brenner <doom at kzsu.stanford.edu> wrote:
> Matthew Lanier <matt at lanier.org> wrote:
>> It's time for the SFPUG to have a new leader that can take it into the
>> next decade of open source fun.  The job is equal parts fun (getting smart
>> people to present at the meetings, representing at OSCON), administrivia
>> (monitoring a mailing list along with me, the list grandma), and hard work
>> (geting smart people to present at the meetings ;-).
> I was talking to the Other Candidate the other night, and he sounded
> less than enthusiastic, so I thought I'd throw my hat in the ring
> (whatever that means).
> My campaign platform is "business as usual".  Meetings every month or
> two, focused on perl but probably not fantically so ("stuff you use with
> perl" covers a lot of ground).
> Talks by Big Names on Big Subjects are good, but I also like to hear
> "view from the trenches" talks from Joe Programmer.  I like lightning
> talks, though I have a feeling we could play with the format a bit (a
> small number of slightly longer talks perhaps -- "slow lightning"?).
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