[sf-perl] Perl on a Mac

Walt Sanders wsanders at pacificwebdesign.org
Tue Nov 18 06:46:46 PST 2008

Getting ready to leave town for the day, but I'm a little embarrassed  
by all the flurry on my question.  I hope to spend much of tomorrow  
playing with this, but thanks to everyone for all the input.

Just a quick thought as to where I've been:  Used Win XP for several  
years (with no tweaking!), freely running .pl or .cgi on any browser,  
and on 3 or 4 different editors that displayed the pages perfectly  
(even Dreamweaver, which I never use but keep on my machine for some  
reason).  It was just a shock to find that when I switched to Mac,  
nothing would run perl html producing programs.

Been programming for many years, but don't know beans about tweaking  
OSs of any type.  So, I will try to understand some of this tomorrow.   
Thanks again, Walt.

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