[sf-perl] perl on a mac

Walt Sanders wsanders at pacificwebdesign.org
Mon Nov 17 18:30:44 PST 2008

Lara, I surely hope you had all this in a file to grab and send?!  My  
god what a mess to go through for a supposedly polished OS.  And why  
doesn't Apple have this already configured, I'm wondering.

Gotta go now and I'm away tomorrow, but will then try to digest your  
instructions and give it a try.  I am at the point where I was about  
to start advertising for a fixer to take my machine and make it work.   
But, this is new hope.  Many, many thanks and I'll report back.  Walt.

On Monday, at , Lara Ortiz de Montellano wrote:

> 1. Re: perl on a mac (Walt Sanders)

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