[sf-perl] perl on a mac

Walt Sanders wsanders at cruzio.com
Wed Nov 12 07:38:50 PST 2008

Thanks again Alex, Mike, Dave.   I finally got back to this last night  
and tried most of the things suggested here and on the website.  Still  
no luck.  Don't know if I've some corruption or if it is just my total  
ignorance of Apache.

Guess I will have to seek out someone to take my machine to, someone  
who can figure out why it won't run .pl or .cgi.  If you know someone  
that might do this for me, please let me know.  I would, of course,  
pay for the service.

Haven't played with Eclipse yet, but I doubt that it can help unless  
it is a totally stand-alone product.

Appreciate the thoughts, Walt.

On Monday, at , Dave Turner wrote:

> I used to use DZsoft as well, but I use Context now but there  
> doesn't seem to be a Mac version. Have you looked at Eclipse http://www.eclipse.org/downloads/? 
>  It might be more than you need but it's free.
> Walt Sanders wrote:
>> Thanks much, I will play with these suggestions.  Have to leave  
>> just now, but later.
>> Isn't there a nice editor for the Mac that will run perl browser  
>> style within the editor?  Had a nice one on my PC (DZSoft, a  
>> russian product) that worked beautifully.  Really miss the  
>> convenience of that program.
>> Walt.

>> On Monday, at , Michael Frieddman wrote:

A pretty good beginner's guide to how to enable CGI on OS X's apache  
and where to store your scripts so you can run them is:

Basically, you find the default httpd.conf file, turn on CGI, and then  
turn on "Personal Web Sharing".

Hrm, those instructions should be slightly changed for Leopard. Now  
it's System Preferences->Sharing->Web Sharing and httpd.conf is under / 
etc/apache2/httpd.conf, but it should be pretty straightforward with  
those two location changes.

-- Mike
>> On Monday, at , Alex Feinberg wrote:
>>> Terminal executes the script. Terminal can't render HTML. Web
>>> browser can only render HTML, it can't execute scripts.
>>> You need to have a web server setup and configured to execute CGI
>>> scripts/mod_perl for that. How to do that will probably be beyond a
>>> single message, but OS X includes Apache which is the de-facto
>>> standard for web servers.
>>> Or you can use command redirection to test, e.g.:
>>>  perl  myscript.pl > /tmp/file.html && open /tmp/file.html
>>>    Thanks,
>>> On Monday, 10 November 2008 at 11:49:06 -0800, Walt Sanders wrote:
>>>> I'm new to apple machines and have had no luck getting my perl
>>>> programs to run.  Had no problem with my previous PC machines.  I  
>>>> have
>>>> BBEdit and Dreamweaver and Komodo, but nothing works.  Must be some
>>>> obvious thing that I don't know?
>>>> Specifically, I need to run html generating perl programs on a  
>>>> browser
>>>> on my machine for testing.  All I get is the code in the browser.
>>>> If I run perl in Terminal, it runs ok, so long as there is no html.
>>>> In the case of html, it just lists the code.
>>>> Grateful for whatever, Walt.

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