[sf-perl] perl on a mac

Alex Feinberg alex at strlen.net
Mon Nov 10 11:54:29 PST 2008

Terminal executes the script. Terminal can't render HTML. Web
browser can only render HTML, it can't execute scripts. 

You need to have a web server setup and configured to execute CGI
scripts/mod_perl for that. How to do that will probably be beyond a
single message, but OS X includes Apache which is the de-facto
standard for web servers.

Or you can use command redirection to test, e.g.:

  perl  myscript.pl > /tmp/file.html && open /tmp/file.html


On Monday, 10 November 2008 at 11:49:06 -0800, Walt Sanders wrote:
> I'm new to apple machines and have had no luck getting my perl  
> programs to run.  Had no problem with my previous PC machines.  I have  
> BBEdit and Dreamweaver and Komodo, but nothing works.  Must be some  
> obvious thing that I don't know?
> Specifically, I need to run html generating perl programs on a browser  
> on my machine for testing.  All I get is the code in the browser.
> If I run perl in Terminal, it runs ok, so long as there is no html.   
> In the case of html, it just lists the code.
> Grateful for whatever, Walt.
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