[sf-perl] Plucking from a string

Penkethman, John A john.a.penkethman at lmco.com
Fri May 23 10:36:54 PDT 2008

Good stuff.

But what's happening internally with 

while ($theline =~ /($TARGETSTR\d+)/gi) {  print "$1\n"; }

Within the while loop, is the matching expression "$theline =~
/($TARGETSTR\d+)/gi" returning one match at a time for each loop
iteration? It would seem so since it then assigns the result to $1 each

On the other hand, in frosty's

my $TARGET = qr/(?:bcd=\d+)/; 

print "$_\n" for ( $theline =~ /$TARGET/g );

the "$theline =~ /$TARGET/g" statement seems to be returning a whole
array, which then gets assigned to $_ one at a time. Why the difference?
Is there a difference? I think this is great, but I would not have
expected this behavior in the while loop.


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On Fri, May 23, 2008 at 7:30 AM, Neil Heller <nheller at silcon.com> wrote:
> Just one more question...
> In the line:
> while ($theline =~ /($TARGETSTR\d+)/gi) {  print "$1\n"; }
> why is the d+ escaped?

Try it without the backslash, and then try replacing the numbers in
the input with the letter "d". It's an eye opener!

Perhaps the command "perldoc perlre" isn't working on your system (bad
install?)- so try this page-
and search for "\d"

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