[sf-perl] search.cpan.org broken, or am I?

Neil Heller nheller at silcon.com
Tue May 20 12:58:24 PDT 2008

Using the link you supplied below, I got
Proxy Error
Error reading from remote server

Neil Heller

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Is anybody else getting failures from search.cpan.org?  I have a bug ready
to file against it, but on the off chance it's something weird with the
MegaCorp firewall I want to do a quick sanity check.

For example, this finds nothing for CGI:


Until a few minutes ago it was returning a "No matches" page, and now it's
returning a 502 Proxy Error.  And while I don't think it's a proxy problem
on my end, I'd really appreciate it if someone on the list could double
check it.

But of course the module's there:



-- frosty

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