[sf-perl] perl curl [ was Re: Escalation or something else?]

Fred Moyer fred at redhotpenguin.com
Mon May 12 11:10:24 PDT 2008

Neil Heller wrote:
> Has anybody used curl?

Yep :)

> If so, what did you use it for?

I used it to write an https load tester.

> Did you use it from the command line or from a Perl script?

I used it from the command line for initial diagnostics, then used the 
WWW::Curl::Easy module in a program.  The interface isn't as intuitive 
as LWP, but it is still pretty slick.

It ran using a threaded version of Perl 5.8.8, each new thread consumed 
about 10 MB of memory (I created a new WWW::Curl::Easy object for each 
thread).  It was significantly faster than the forking implementation I 
wrote using Parallel::ForkManager, and I was able to spawn about 200 
threads before I ran out of memory on a 2 gig machine

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