[sf-perl] Lugradio conference at the Metreon

Joe Brenner doom at kzsu.stanford.edu
Tue Mar 11 17:01:04 PDT 2008

Quinn Weaver <quinn at fairpath.com> wrote:

> Wow.  LugRadio is putting on a Linux/open-source conference April 12 and 13
> at the Metreon.  Registration is $10 - Google and Dice are picking up
> most of the tab.  They have an impressive list of speakers.
> It's funny, just yesterday I was mailing Fred about LinuxWorld
> preparation (I want to get started now; it's in August).
> One month is a pretty tight schedule, but we could pull off a booth
> for LugRadio iff we get enough boothies.  The conference is on a
> weekend--is anyone up to helping?  I need as many people as possible
> to run four-hour shifts; we need two people at the booth at any
> given time.  So that's probably eight slots to fill, total.
> Call it ten, in case someone needs to cancel at the last minute.

I can take at least two.

(Has anyone heard anything from the codecon folks?  Their web site is
seems a little too inactive for an event that's really happening.
I tried shooting them some email, but got no response.)

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