[sf-perl] Debugging a CGI script - how

Neil Heller nheller at silcon.com
Sat Mar 8 10:19:29 PST 2008

I've been modifying a CGI script and have run into a problem that bring to
mind a larger question.

My script uses data from a relational database to pull information about
external files.  The script then displays information from the relational
database and the contents of the external file.  The script then continues
on the next iteration - each iteration equals one entry in the relational

If there are 3 or fewer entries in the relational database, the script works
well.  At the fourth entry in the relational database, Apache throws an
error and the user (me at this point) receives only a generic-type error.

Does anybody have any ideas about how to best go about finding the error?

Neil Heller

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