[sf-perl] passing checkboxes as hidden fields

ken uhl kenuhl at berkeley.edu
Wed Jun 4 13:43:36 PDT 2008

I have a question on how to determine the value of a checkbox ( checked 
or unchecked ) when
passing check boxes as hidden fields to a separate cgi.

The checkboxes are all all the named 'tagbucket'
with different values, 
so I retrieve those this way

use CGI;
my $cgi = new CGI;

my @boxes  = $cgi->param('tagbucket');

This gives me a nice array of check box field names, but I don't know if 
they are selected,

so I try retrieving each box :

for my $box ( @boxes ) {
    my $box_data = $cgi->param($box);

This give me nothing.

By the way the check box is defined this way :

  my $cb_name =  "bulkdeleteHost-type-$htype-row-$hrowid" ;
  my $be_bad =  $cgi->checkbox( -name => "tagbucket"  , -checked => 0, 
-value => "$cb_name"  , -label => "Bulk Delete?") ;

Any suggestions ? 

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