[sf-perl] McS worth it?

Joe Brenner doom at kzsu.stanford.edu
Tue Jul 22 17:31:33 PDT 2008

Daniel Lo <woof at danlo.com> wrote:

> My goals?  Hard to say, the top goal right now is finding the right
> "woman" before I'm over the hill, kids and the rest of that.

Um... then forget about a CS degree.

Maybe some biology classes.  Computational biology could be fun.

> However, in terms of the McS?  I want to get experience working on the
> really big stuff.  The next Internet stuff, grid computing, parallel
> programming, cloud programming (mileage may vary on defining that...),
> and writing better code.

It's always hard to say what's going to be Big.  It's easy to know
what's being hyped, but these aren't the same things.

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