[sf-perl] McS worth it?

Daniel Lo woof at danlo.com
Tue Jul 22 01:26:03 PDT 2008

Hello Jennifer,

My goals?  Hard to say, the top goal right now is finding the right "woman"
before I'm over the hill, kids and the rest of that.

However, in terms of the McS?  I want to get experience working on the really
big stuff.  The next Internet stuff, grid computing, parallel programming, cloud
programming (mileage may vary on defining that...), and writing better code.  I
did some volunteer programming for the KindaPerl6 project and the complexity of
the project made me realize that the mundane stuff I do at work, just isn't
going to make me a "great" programmer.  Database, Web, Ajax, Javascript (the
horror), Perl, Php, etc...  I might learn better ways to program, but I am not
learning the new stuff.

My situation is that 8 hours a day, I'm "managing" stuff, fixing bugs, moving
stuff in and out of the database.  I'm doing more of the same.  I need to get
out there and learn and have fun.  If a McS helps my bottom line salary, then
cool. (On the converse side, I've heard of programmers NOT being hired because
they were considered over qualified.)

I do not have the time to peruse a MSCS, however a McS can be perused in my
spare time though an on-line course.  I think such a course may be fun, but
also, (respectful of Moyer's opinion) a lot can be learned from just sitting
down, picking up a book and reading it!


Daniel Lo

Monday, July 21, 2008, 7:38:01 PM, you wrote:

> Hey Daniel,

> What are you trying to achieve?  You don't really say and depending on 
> your goals, your mileage will vary with regards to education.

> Jennifer

> On Mon, 21 Jul 2008, Daniel Lo wrote:

>> Hello,
>> I am considering getting my McS (Masters of Computer Science) and I have 2 questions.
>> For a bit of background,
>> A MSCS Masters of Science in Computer Science is a research degree. You must do
>> a thesis (or a project?).
>> A McS A Masters in Computer Science is a degree that you get just by completing
>> course work.  No exam, no thesis.
>> So, I am considering working on getting a McS, because there is no way I can
>> complete a MSCS and work.  Therefore,
>> 1. Does getting a McS help your career and fun?
>> 2. Can you learn 85-95% from a book instead of going to a class (online or
>> other)?  For my B.S. many of the teachers relied heavenly on the books.
>> TIA,
>> -daniel
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