[sf-perl] McS worth it?

Daniel Lo woof at danlo.com
Mon Jul 21 19:07:25 PDT 2008


I am considering getting my McS (Masters of Computer Science) and I have 2 questions.

For a bit of background,

A MSCS Masters of Science in Computer Science is a research degree. You must do
a thesis (or a project?).

A McS A Masters in Computer Science is a degree that you get just by completing
course work.  No exam, no thesis.

So, I am considering working on getting a McS, because there is no way I can
complete a MSCS and work.  Therefore,

1. Does getting a McS help your career and fun?

2. Can you learn 85-95% from a book instead of going to a class (online or
other)?  For my B.S. many of the teachers relied heavenly on the books.



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