[sf-perl] OffTopic: Any JavaScript programmers here?

David Scott ds94103 at earthlink.net
Sat Jul 5 13:31:37 PDT 2008

Got it.  If it were me, though, I'd reverse-engineer the HTML blob from 
the list element and construct data objects *as if* I were getting data 
from an Ajax call.  At that point you can do what you want - all of DOM 
scripting is open to you at that point.

Sometimes it's just plain easier to Do The Right Thing.


Rich Morin wrote:
> At 07:45 -0700 7/5/08, David Scott wrote:
>> You have to  back off and ask yourself, why do you need a sorted
>> list in the first place?  Aren't the list items coming to you
>> from some source, like a database query? ...
> Good questions.  Here are two responses:
>   *  In this case, the list is being generated by TWiki, a web
>      templating system and CMS, thinly disguised as a wiki.  It
>      may be possible to get TWiki to re-order a given list, but
>      it's not as flexible as executable code might be.
>   *  More generally, going back to the server and asking for a
>      page refresh takes longer than running JS locally.  Given
>      that Vicki wants responsive, interactive control of the
>      sort order, JS seems to be the only game in town.
> -r

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