[sf-perl] OffTopic: Any JavaScript programmers here?

Vicki Brown vlb at cfcl.com
Fri Jul 4 22:02:08 PDT 2008

At 20:31 -0700 07/04/2008, Kevin Frost wrote:
> Noooo! Don't poison the novices with innerHTML!  That's like telling
> people not to 'use strict' in Perl.

Being a Perl programmer, I can totally understand your trepidation.
However... speaking as a frustrated JS noobie... the innerHTML worked.

Less frightening variations would be gratefully accepted.

Also, if anyone has any hints about how to handle more than one sortable
list on a page, I'd be grateful. :)  The sort function is handed an ID to
the list to sort.

In Perl I'd use a hash
   origList[$id] = #save the list data;

and then I'd just go looking for origList[$id] when I was asked to revert

Surprisingly, I don't see hashes (or 'associative arrays') in JavaScript.
Although something described as an 'associative array' is present, it
doesn't seem to be quite the same thing.

Current code is here:

Example page

And many thanks for helping me in this educational exercise... if any of
you have a TWiki you're running and have questions about how to do
something there, just ask!!!
- Vicki

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