[sf-perl] Return from a function

nheller at silcon.com nheller at silcon.com
Thu Feb 28 11:15:40 PST 2008

I have an idea in my head that's obviously incorrect.
Maybe its a mental block but I can't even think of where to look for an
answer.  If the answer is obvious could y'all just say it but I would
appreciate getting a keyword or referrence topic for my use later.


I was always under the assumption that Perl (like C) returns a single
value from a function.  I seems like this is not true as it looks like the
following function returns 3 values.  How could this be?

my ($a, $b, $c);
my ($paramA, $paramB);

($a, $b, $c0 = &someFunc($paramA, $paramB);


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