[sf-perl] Massive Ubuntu Installfest for Schools (March 1st)

Brian Hamlin bh1 at light42.com
Mon Feb 18 14:53:42 PST 2008

   I guess you missed the article in the Indendent Press whch ripped 
in no uncertain terms, and led to a state investigation of his 501c3 
tax status.
I wrote a column for years and I never said a word about James, because 
basically support his endeavor.

BUT thats not to say that I am not annoyed now and then, and in this 
spoke up when a naive new player was ready to proclaim to the world...

*I* did not say he didnt DO ANYTHING, I said he didnt do AS MUCH as he
SAYS he DOES. Now you go and pour gasoline on the fire with the word
libel. Great.

below is what i wrote off the top of my head...

Do you know how much dirty cheating there is in that business?
James is just right in the middle compared to some major operators
that have gone to JAIL over the last years in this business, with the
smart ones still operating.

Scandal or no Scandal.. you are new, you are just finding out how 
things really
are.  I MEANT to just speak up and say that James is not all that great 

now what to do??  Libel? ^%&@#&!^%
This is how I am rewarded for my efforts in the industry


OK, let me clarify...

Before you tell me I made libel, perhaps I can be clearer about what I 
was saying..
ACCRC has claimed for years to be making a big difference. I worked 
with the people
that do make a big difference. ACCRC was not one of them. ACCRC has 
certainly done
what ACCRC has done. There is a a gap between the bragging and the 
actual reality.
Thats what I said. 10s to 100s of systems of years vs 1000s of systems 
.. get it?

Meanwhile I wrote off list to the original poster and introduced him to 
one of the
best contacts in the industry for FOSS in Schools.

Ruin the Reputation of ACCRC?? I have been civil for years with my 
I wish all such operations well. I am not a whistle blower, either.
I am not going to stand by and let a newbie get pulled into thinking 
that they
are the first ever to do this great thing, and look at my great partner.

I gave my phone number in the post. Anyone can contact me at any time.

Computer Recycling is a hard job that I dedicated more than two years 
of my life to..
I have an opinion based on direct knowledge and experience,
  and I am not tip-toeing around ACCRC.

Have you read my column? 120+ posts

best regards
   -Brian Hamlin

(415) 717-4462 (c)

Brian Hamlin
*  was a columnist on the topic of Electronics Recycling for almost two 
*  participated at length for almost two years in Sacramento in EPA 
hearings on
     a series of proposals, one of which became law, one of the first in 
the country
* was Chair of the Electronic Waste Technical Council for the CRRA for 
one term

On Feb 18, 2008, at 1:13 PM, Quinn Weaver wrote:

> On Sat, Feb 16, 2008 at 10:14:00AM -0800, Brian Hamlin wrote:
>> Hey good news.. BUT
>> That guy at ACCRC, James Burgett has been claiming for *years* to be
>> driving machines to schools and hospitals and helping people out.
>> [...]
> Hi, everyone,
> This is a serious accusation.  If it's false, it's libel.  If it's
> true, it's a scandal.
> Please do your homework before making claims like this.  Unless you
> can really prove what you say, it's irresponsible to throw around 
> claims
> that could ruin a nonprofit's reputation (or, if false, backfire and
> ruin yours).
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