[sf-perl] Massive Ubuntu Installfest for Schools (March 1st)

Brian Hamlin bh1 at light42.com
Sat Feb 16 10:14:00 PST 2008

Hey good news.. BUT

That guy at ACCRC, James Burgett has been claiming for *years* to be  
driving machines to schools and hospitals and helping people out. yet,  
as Chair of the EWaste Technical Council for the California Resource  
Recovery Association in 2005, I worked with *the biggest* computer for  
schools orgs *in the United States*, and no one could find or name  
schools that ACCRC had actually helped out. Not to say that *something*  
hadnt happened, but this is real work, and I was seeing more lip  
movement than machines shipped from Berkeley.  Plus, James was often  
personally hostile.

I have said to James personally, you are cool because you did this back  
when it was impossible to do. I stand by that. However, things changed.  
I dont want to get into he said, she said, but I cant let this go by  
without comment.

Now ACCRC has some good Linux folks doing a good event. Certainly  
publicize it and make the best of it. However, I urge you to keep the  
rhetoric down when heaping praises on the effort. There are multiple  
grassroots orgs that have been doing the hard work for *years* that  
dont get enough good press.

Brian Hamlin
(415) 717-4462 (cell)

On Feb 16, 2008, at 9:58 AM, Andrew Fife wrote:

> On Saturday March 1st, Untangle and the ACCRC are organizing a massive
> installfest for Bay Area schools.  We are refurbishing hundreds of
> older/discarded computers with Ubuntu and donating them to Bay Area
> schools.  We need your help from Linux users installing Ubuntu at the 4
> locations, which are San Francisco, Berkeley, San Mateo & Marin County.
> Signup sheets for each location are here:
>   http://wiki.untangle.com/index.php/Installfest
> If you can make the installfest, you can still help by driving
> participation by blogging about the event or voting for it on Digg or
> Slashdot.
> http://slashdot.org/bookmark.pl?url=http://www.untangle.com/installfest
> http://www.digg.com/submit?url=http://www.untangle.com/ 
> installfest&phase=2
> More info on the installfest here:
>   www.untangle.com/installfest
> Why the event is cool:
>   Helps spread F/OSS (Ubuntu, Firefox, OpenOffice & more)
>   Helps bridges the Digital Divide with underprivileged users
>   Keeps toxic computer equipment out of landfills (Aprox 25,000 pounds)
>   Is a cool community effort
> Thanks in advance for your help!
> -Andrew
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