[sf-perl] [JOB] Manufacturing Test Manager at Riverbed

Gavin Jefferies gj262 at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 28 13:31:34 PDT 2008

Hi Folks,

 Don't let the title scare you away. This is a very hands on
 development position utilizing Perl and/or any other open source tools
 you care to use to get the job done. The team is small (<= 2) and so
 the manager will also design, implement and maintain the applications
 and tests used to test and image Riverbeds appliances during
 manufacturing. There is very little red tape involved to making
 changes to the code but there is process.

 Some details:

 The existing application is written in Perl with an
 apache/mod_perl/javascript/yui frontend.
 Some low level tests are in C.
 There may be a shell script or two...

 You would:

 Improve the quality of the shipping product.
 Own the existing code base.
 Understand how to manage change to a production application.
 Appreciate scalability issues.
 Like Perl but not in a rabid Perl and only Perl kind of way.
 Be good at managing a small team of junior folks.


 Hardware know how.
 Manufacturing background.

 If anyone is interested please reply to me directly at this email
 address. My role in all this is that I work at Riverbed as a
 contractor fulfilling pretty much this job. But I'm a contractor in
 the rabid contracting and only contracting kind of way and so won't
 take a good full time job when it is staring me in the face.


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