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On Sat, Apr 19, 2008 at 7:53 AM, Josh Berkus <josh at agliodbs.com> wrote:
> Quinn Weaver wrote:
>  > We're due for a dinner meeting this coming Tuesday. Can anyone suggest
>  > a good venue? Ideally it should be BARTable, not too noisy, and able
>  > to accomodate an uncertain number of people. ;) and it should have at
>  > least some vegetarian food.

Can you put some bounds on "uncertain number of people?" I'm partial
to my neighborhood (Glen Park) though it's pretty darn tiny. This one
could probably accomodate around a dozen folks and not be too

http://sfsurvey.com/rd.asp?r=1239 Super Star Yong De, Chinese & Japanese food

I've eaten in there and it's OK.

I really like eggettes for snacks, and they have wi-fi plus an area
where a bunch of people could hang out. Noise is quite variable and
overall I think it's not the place for us, but hey-

There are some more upscale places, but might be hard to get a big
group in them, and some more downscale places, but they'd give folks a
bad impression.

Old Jerusulem is near the 24th St BART and is good middle eastern. I
suppose falafel, taboulle etc ok for vegans.

>  No such beast.  Believe me, I searched for dinner venues for the other
>  SFPUG for several meetings, and there is no restaurant which is quiet,
>  affordable, good, and near BART.  Quiet is the hardest part.
>  So, you can have a quiet, affordable restaurant with adequate food which
>  is nowhere near Bart, or a quiet restaurant with good food near BART
>  which is very expensive, or a quiet restaurant near BART with terrible
>  food, or a good, BARTable restaurant which is very noisy.
>  --Josh Berkus
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