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Now I have too much information on this issue. I am still stuck with this
code not working:

$module = "Net::SMTP";
require $module;

However this works:

use Net::SMTP;

Why is require not letting me use the variable?


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I'd been waiting to try it out before replying, but it seems to work  
for 'use strict' at least.

However, since the special directives (non-modules) that go with 'use'  
don't actually get a default BEGIN block, there's no need to use  
require and import. You can

... bad code ...

use strict;

... good code ...

no strict;

... bad code ...

as much as you want.

-- Mike

On Apr 4, 2008, at 3:57 PM, Quinn Weaver wrote:
> On Fri, Apr 04, 2008 at 03:04:15AM -0800, Rich Morin wrote:
>> At 00:17 -0700 4/4/08, Michael Friedman wrote:
>>> The other thing you can do is realize that, according to
>>> `perldoc -f use`:
>>> 	It [use] is exactly equivalent to
>>>       	BEGIN { require Module; import Module LIST; }
>> Is this true in the case of "use strict"?
> I think so.  Take a look at the strict.pm source code:
> vi `perldoc -l strict`
> There's a 'sub import' in there which seems to set strict refs and/ 
> or subs
> and/or vars according to what you write in 'use strict LIST'.
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