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Joey Moe family_geek at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 3 07:19:35 PDT 2008

It seem that by simply mentioning that I set up a site about perl, (not mentioning that I had any answers, and clearly saying I wasn't trying to compete with sites like perlmonks which I, myself have visited many times), I upset people. My site is more of a blog about my own learning. I never said I was trying to teach anyone, and it seems that Randall Swartz came out of the womb a Perl expert because that's all he keeps saying. Someone seems very insecure in what he knows. At least I can admit that I'm a beginner, and it's attitude like Randall's that made me decide to start my own site. I want to share my learning experience, not badger, harass and scare away other people who are interested in learning as well. Look at how many sites out there where experts hang out, and noobies still don't get answers to there questions, they just get blown off and left to fend for themselves by experts like Randall. I just want to learn a programming language, not run for the
 presidency. Don't worry Randall, I won't take your 40 acres and mule.  You can go hang out with all the cool kids on whatever site you want, I'm perfectly fine if nobody were to come to my site. I really don't need your validation, I was just looking to share my learning experience. As far as being an expert, you may know alot about Perl, but you kinda suck when it comes to people skills. I'm still a noobie, my site is still there for anyone who is interested and I'm proud of what I do (or don't know)....I don't know about the rest of you, but I was really just interested in learning more perl, I didn't realize this was a popularity contest.

Joey Moe
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