[sf-perl] Perl website for noobies

Andy Lester andy at petdance.com
Wed Apr 2 17:51:33 PDT 2008

> And the experts have spoken.  They are willing to hang out on
> perlmonks and perl-beginners.  They're abandoning Usenet, which was
> the previous favorite spot.

You're assuming experts are a fixed quantity.

> AND NO OTHER PLACE.  This is evidenced directly.  Go to these
> other mailing lists.  Look at the questions, then look at the  
> misleading
> and appalling answers.

Maybe there's never been any place better.  Nobody was willing to use  
any search engine other than AltaVista for a while, too.

> In an ideal world, we'd have enough experts to fill 100 lists.  Too
> bad.  Not ideal.

Agreed!  So let's spread the love and help make some more, by giving  
them a place to grow.

> That's why I post messages like this.  To inform those who would
> misleadingingly set up Yet Another Watering Hole.

How is it "misleading"?

> Please stop trying to dilute the community.  We need critical mass,
> not a myriad of options.

What is the critical mass you're trying to achieve?

> Again, see the mailing list histories for the Yahoo Groups.  The  
> evidence
> stands for itself.

If past failures is all that we worried about, nothing would ever move  


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