[sf-perl] Do You Twitter?

Bill Walz bwalz at paradigm-healthcare.com
Mon Sep 24 22:05:05 PDT 2007

Please take this off-topic discussion somewhere else.


On Sep 24, 2007, at 2:34 PM, Duane Obrien wrote:

>> My apologies to Duane. This is exactly what you can't stand, isn't  
>> it?
> No, I'm glad someone went there with it.  I'm a crank.  But not a  
> humorless one.
> I AM kinda surprised that there's people who want to know how Randal
> takes his OJ.  Tell you the truth tho, I'm kinda curious now.  Maybe
> how he takes his OJ is fundamental to his understanding of perl.  If I
> had to guess, I'd say he takes it with vodka, on the rocks.
> I have an awesome sense of humor.  I just don't get reality TV.
> Except for when it sucks me in.  Like Survivorman.  Survivorman is
> awesome.  I totally want to know how Les Stroud takes his OJ.
> Probably through sock he's been wearing for 5 days, and it's not OJ
> it's the juice of some tree bark he scraped off with a rock and mashed
> up with another rock.
> I seem to have deviated.
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