[sf-perl] Slightly OT: Freebase User Group meeting next Weds

Rich Morin rdm at cfcl.com
Thu Sep 13 17:38:06 PDT 2007

Freebase is a semantic wiki of sorts, with Creative Commons content
and a REST/JSON API.  I find it very intriguing, so some of youall
might, as well.  Anyway, they're having a meeting next Wednesday...



At 17:29 -0700 9/13/07, Rich Morin wrote:
>  Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2007 11:31:46 -0700
>  To: Free Developers <developers at freebase.com>
>  Subject: [Developers] Freebase User Group meeting: next Weds
>  Anticipating a mad crush of Freebase enthusiasts for the user group
>  meeting next week, we've posted an Upcoming page to collect RSVPs:
>  http://upcoming.yahoo.com/event/265163/?ps=5
>  In addition to pizza and beer, we're going to have a couple of
>  cool previews and demos--including one from Will Moffat, a Fb
>  developer who's in town from Belgium.  Will always has great
>  ideas and tips for using Freebase, and he likes to hear how other
>  people are using it, too.  But he's not here often.  So take
>  advantage of this visit, and come exchange the Freebase goodness!

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