[sf-perl] Lightning time

Tatsuhiko Miyagawa miyagawa at gmail.com
Fri Oct 12 13:59:52 PDT 2007

On 10/12/07, Quinn Weaver <quinn at fairpath.com> wrote:
> This is a good time to mention that speakers will need to post any
> slides on the Internet, before the event.  That way we can all use one
> laptop.

I agree that it's a good practice, but I want to do a demo (Argh! live
demo on a lightning talk!) so it'd be nice if I can use my own laptop.

> For lightning talks, the overhead of switching laptops is a
> killer.

Yeah ... but in previous YAPCs and Shibuya.pm talks we let most
speakers present using their own laptops. Switching time is like 30
secs if we all test the output in advance which is necessary anyway.

Tatsuhiko Miyagawa

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