[sf-perl] Slipping deadlines

Quinn Weaver quinn at fairpath.com
Fri Oct 12 12:46:47 PDT 2007

On Fri, Oct 12, 2007 at 10:42:58AM -0700, Neil Heller wrote:

> What usually happens if "just one more thing needs to be done" before a
> deadline 15 minutes in the future.

> Does the deadline slip?
> Does it matter who needs to do that extra thing (development, testing,
> etc.)?

- If testing itself slips, then the deadline must move.  You can't release
until you finish testing.  Of course, you should project-manage your testing
time, just as you manage every other phase--that way, you know in advance
if you're going to run out of time.

- If testing reveals a problem that you need to address by coding, then
Andy is right:  you will have to make a call with your customers.

- If you are developing any features at T - 15 minutes, then something is
very wrong.  You should have stopped all development before you started
integration testing, right?

- If you failed to anticipate some feature you needed, but then
realized as much during testing, then 1) you need to go to your
customer (cf. Andy) and 2) next time, you can work on improving your
project planning.  Maybe some mock-up screens would help, or an
Extreme Programming-like "story" (= use case).

Does this help?  I hope so.  I've tried to cover all the bases. :)

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