[sf-perl] Slipping deadlines

David Alban extasia at extasia.org
Fri Oct 12 10:27:02 PDT 2007

one of the goals of tracking projects, and one of the goals of good
communication between tech folk and manglers is that when (not if)
things slip, manglement knows at the earliest possible time so they
can plan around it.  manglers almost always get upset when slips are

in some shops, dates are expected by manglement to slip.  that is,
predictions are just that--predictions.  they're the best model at the
time they're generated.  when reality doesn't fit the model, it's time
to revise the model.  in these shops, tech folk and manglement work
together to create the new model.  in the mean time *progress has been

in other shops, manglement doesn't want to hear 'no'.  in these shops
you cannot speak truth to power.

you may want to ask, where on the continuum between these two points is my shop?

On 10/12/07, Neil Heller <nheller at silcon.com> wrote:
> I've got a question and would like to get peoples' opinions.
> What is to be done if a project has come right up to its deadline and some
> work has not been completed?
> Does this vary by who it is that hasn't completed his work (development,
> testing, etc.)?
> Is meeting a timeline more important than the quality and verification of
> quality of the software?

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