[sf-perl] Fwd: [Gdal-dev] Changes in the Perl bindings API (should not break anything)

Brian Hamlin bh1 at light42.com
Fri Nov 16 17:46:31 PST 2007


   I have been chipping away at GDAL/OGR, a substantial C/C++ engine for 
geospatial data, for the last few months. There are Perl bindings 
provided through SWIG. Ari Jolma is a Professor in Finland who has 
taken on the maintenance tasks for Perl. Ari has been able to solve all 
of the major upgrade challenges in the last dev cycle, and now wants to 
continue with some additional features and syntactic sugar.

   Please forward as appropriate

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> From: Ari Jolma <ari.jolma at tkk.fi>
> Date: November 16, 2007 2:21:33 PM PST
> To: gdal-dev <gdal-dev at lists.maptools.org>
> Subject: [Gdal-dev] Changes in the Perl bindings API (should not break 
> anything)
> I've improved the Perl bindings API a bit. Mainly I've tried to remove 
> all needs to use the constants like $Geo::GDAL::Const::wkbPoint and 
> use strings instead. Nothing should have been broken, it's just a thin 
> new layer I've added.
> I've created some new constructors with the name of create. I'll use a 
> new name since I don't know how to feasibly replace the "new" 
> constructors Swig creates. For example, geometries can be created now 
> like this:
> $geom = Geo::OGR::Geometry->create('Point');
> I've also updated the documentation of the Perl bindings and marked as 
> "deprecated" those methods that I think shouldn't be used. The 
> documentation is written in Doxygen and it is a bit difficult to 
> produce, I've set up nightly (around 1 am Finnish time - the latest 
> should be there soon) production of them here: 
> http://map.hut.fi/doc/Geo-GDAL/html/index.html
> There's still much to do, for example add code to keep parent objects 
> live when their variables go out of scope and children still exist; 
> code that would ease the transfer of data from Perl to GDAL and vice 
> versa; documentation; etc. Comments and help are welcome.
> Ari
> -- 
> Prof. Ari Jolma
> Geoinformaatio- ja paikannustekniikka / Geoinformation and positioning
> Teknillinen Korkeakoulu / Helsinki University of Technology
> tel: +358 9 451 3886 address: POBox 1200, 02015 TKK, Finland
> Email: ari.jolma at tkk.fi URL: http://www.tkk.fi/~jolma
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