[sf-perl] PostgreSQL Meeting: Sourceforge Infrastructure

David Fetter david at fetter.org
Mon May 21 14:19:53 PDT 2007


Find out how Sourceforge does it.

What: Sourceforge Infrastructure

When: Tuesday, May 22 at 7:30PM

Who: You, if you like :)

Where: Casa Donde
2500B Magnolia Street
Oakland CA 94607-2410
+1 415 235 3778

Event Description:
Ross Turk of Sourceforge http://sf.net/ will discuss
Sourceforge's infrastructure including how PostgreSQL makes the
whole thing work.

You *will* get lost if you do not print the following URL and bring it
with you.


RSVP: ASAP so you can eat Zachary's Pizza.

If you have dietary preferences, your reply is a great place to tell
me about them.

See you tomorrow :)

David Fetter <david at fetter.org> http://fetter.org/
phone: +1 415 235 3778        AIM: dfetter666
                              Skype: davidfetter

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